'Free Air Found Here Forever'

'Free Air Found Here Forever'

  • 'Free Air Found Here Forever' by Bonnie and Clyde


    Framed and Signed Mixed Media Collage

    120cm x 170cm (47.2 x 67")

    Free floating with twine fastenings in a white box frame with acid free materials for conservation.


    For further info please contact : steph@bonnieandclydeart.com

  • About 'Free Air Found Here Forever'

    ‘Free Air Found Here’ is an Original Mixed Media Collage by contemporary British artist Bonnie and Clyde. The piece is framed and signed by the artist.


    Musing on escapism and the promise of the open road, ‘Free Air Found Here Forever’ ties together a series of landscape snapshots from Hastings to LA, Mexico to Vancouver, and Rhodes to Brighton. A fluid composition leads the viewer on a free-flowing journey, snaking down the piece by way of carefully crafted montage. Near the bottom, a woman perches on a precipitous edge, overhanging a deep blue swimming pool, to create a convergence of optimism and anxiety. In a world where only air is free, Bonnie and Clyde’s print reminds us of the power of place and the importance of traversing borders in our search for tomorrow.


    words by Mae Losasso

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