'Waiting For the Fun To Begin'

'Waiting For the Fun To Begin'

  • 'Waiting For the Fun To Begin'


    Framed and Signed Mixed Media Collage

    170cm x 120cm

    Free floating with twine fastenings in a white box frame with acid free materials for conservation.


    For further info please contact : steph@bonnieandclydeart.com

  • About 'Waiting For The Fun To Begin'

    ‘Waiting for the Fun to Begin’ is an original collage by contemporary British artist Bonnie and Clyde. The work has been created on Arches Heavy Watercolour Paper, and features raised, collage areas. Framed and hung on twine.


    ‘Waiting for the Fun to Begin ’ is a musing on the rhetoric of walls and borders that has prevailed in contemporary politics and cultures of modernity. A series of self taken photographs of the urban, Californian landscape are collaged together with sections of paint, pigment, and paper, to create a striking sense of depth, texture and vertiginous perspective. The piece is a celebration, not only of California’s metropolitan aesthetic, but of the state’s explicit rejection of the kind of hate that has fuelled petty politics, built walls across neighbouring countries, and almost made us lose sight of our beautiful shared humanity. 


    words by Mae Losasso

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